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Guidelines to Design a Great Effective Poster

At times, it can also be a source of frustration if you are not sure on how you can begin with it!

Getting Attention

You need to first choose upon excellent pictures or other reference graphic designs to work around. Some designers choose to use very visible design, sometimes even upsetting design to get their pictures noticed. Others could go with a lot of empty space to have a different kind of impact, so long as it works! You could also use an attractive question in bold fonts, to get people to stop and look at the poster. This step is important for the poster, because this is what you will create all others with.

Keep it Simple

You need to put concepts across using color and graphic elements, and too much text on a poster is never the best practice. You could provide a url for the audiences to look up better details! Nobody wants to stop and look at a poster that they will have to get a while reading all the lines!

Use Great Fonts, Period!

It is a wise idea to even create your own font for poster design. At the same time, do not use a font which seems to be so awesome that it becomes so abstract to decipher! The sans-serif font for example is a good font to go with many variety of graphic designs. Do NOT use too many different fonts on a poster – this can have a unpleasant final impact.

Think Information Consumption

Start the poster with the most important piece of information, and follow up with details of lesser priority, which is nothing but generally simple thinking. Place information in such a way that the vision of the audiences follow one product of information to the other, leading to the lower area of the poster.

Use Colors with Care

You choice of color system is important. Understand color theories if you do not already know it well. Why not use a color pallette to create the poster if you are unsure? It’s always great to use color tones that will help improve any of your graphic designs.

Think Symmetry

It’s all about balance where poster design is concerned. Do not create one end of the poster too ‘heavy’ with information. Bring the whole design into two halves and evaluate the value of each!

Break the Rules!

At times it makes an outstanding poster if you break the guidelines we have mentioned! What is important is to KNOW the guidelines so you can break them even better!

We do wish this material has guided you in the right path for your future graphic designs or poster design requirements. Good luck!

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Jay Arenas, June Spring Multimedia
San Jose, CA 95112

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